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SSI Monthly Payment in Louisiana

SSI Monthly Payment in Louisiana Counties have been grouped using the US state quartile ranges and Louisiana is in the first quartile with a value of $733. The following cities in Louisiana have the value, Baton Rouge $733 & New Orleans $733.SSI Monthly Payment Baton Rouge, $733New Orleans, $733

Data source. , Technical Assistance Collaborative, Priced Out, 2017 (Data is from HUD Fair Market Rents from 2016, 2016 SSI payments for individuals with disabilities living independently in the community from the SSA, HUDs median income for one person households in 2016 and number of renter households in each market area from the National Low Income Housing Coalition, 2016)
Note. Social Security Income (SSI) monthly payment refers to the cash payment received each month by SSI beneficiaries. $698 per month is the federal allocation allowed for an individual though some states supplement this with additional funds.

SSI Monthly Payment by Region
RegionSSI Monthly Payment
United States$763
Baton Rouge$733
New Orleans$733
SSI Monthly PaymentSSI Monthly PaymentA bar chart listed in descending orderUnited States    763Louisiana    733New Orleans    733Baton Rouge    7330100200300400500600700800